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Cradle Storage 2007

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Dear Clients:
We are now into the official hurricane season June-November, and we are pleased to report that our volume of boats in cradled storage has increased over the 2006 season.

Due to some unforeseen problems, among them cash flow restraints and delays in receiving materials, we ran late with building and assembling the required number of cradles needed for the first of June. However, the yard crew and the metalwork department have pulled together to work day in and out to rectify this situation and we are pleased to report that presently we have only 3 boats left uncradled, and these we will have cradled and strapped by Tuesday June 19th.

This year, in preparation for the cradles we came across various issues that have made us review our process of booking cradles. Some of the challenges that we identified and are looking at for next year (2008) include:

  1. Specific attention paid to haul schedules, leaving enough viable time to have the boat hauled and prepared for storage prior to June 1st.
  2. Possible reassessment of the charges for cradles.
  3. Special deposits specifically for cradle reservations.
  4. Minimum length charges.

We have photographed the individual cradle boats and emailed these to the relevant clients. If you are one of the cradle clients and have not yet received your photos, please let me know and I’ll forward them immediately.

Looking forward to a calm and safe summer season.
Raquel Edwards
GM Office